Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hello !Just get start (:

I am about to start using blog. haha i dont like to write actually. but i will try.
okay lets get start. 2010 will leave us less than 42 hours i guess. haha 2010 is very superb!
I learned so many thing, thanks to people who helped me, guided me and make me smile (:
Do you knw what the proudest thing I've done this year? hahaha that is when I try to not ask my parents money . it is work! but just for a month =_______= hahaha. But next year, 2011 . I will try my best to not asking my parents money. haha . Hopefully next year I will move on and may Allah bless me. Happy New Year to you guys. i hope this blog can make other people smile (: i'm not good English writing. sorry. 

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