Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday DAD (!)

Dear Father, thank you for all your sacrifices, your guidance, your patient, your concern, never tired treating my behavior. I LOVE YOU AYAH. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY ♥ May Allah bless you always (:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

AA Studio ID (Cinema 4D + After Effects)

Hey Guys what up? This ID I made about 3 months a go. i think i should share this things out. Actually this video is inspired and tutorial by Greyscale gorilla. i may looks like fucking copyman but this i think this video is pretty good for me and not 100% copied from the tutorial.  
Firstly i used Cinema 4D to create the glasses and animate them. Using mograph, random effector, refrection material, some rendering techniques and etc. After that, render to mov files and import to Adobe After Effects to create some glow effects ,also the sky behind. I hope you guys can give your comments about my videos. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

This picture inspired me today .haha. um fuck up with rumah sewa! ayak takdak. grr. 
Lam tak bayar bil ni. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Welcome 2011 (!)

Hello guys, This video been made for fun. I shoot this video using my Canon 550D at the Masjid Wilayah.  Basically, I am a freshman on editing, so the result maybe a bit bad i think. Thanks  Video Copilot for the Action Essential 2. I used cinema 4D to create the title and setup the light. I hate playing around the light.  I also use After Effects to make color correction and also put the explosion. I hope I can improve my skills and i will post the video i had made on this blog soon.   I wanna make more showreels in otherway to reinforce my resume. Support me guys.
tq (: 

Hello !Just get start (:

I am about to start using blog. haha i dont like to write actually. but i will try.
okay lets get start. 2010 will leave us less than 42 hours i guess. haha 2010 is very superb!
I learned so many thing, thanks to people who helped me, guided me and make me smile (:
Do you knw what the proudest thing I've done this year? hahaha that is when I try to not ask my parents money . it is work! but just for a month =_______= hahaha. But next year, 2011 . I will try my best to not asking my parents money. haha . Hopefully next year I will move on and may Allah bless me. Happy New Year to you guys. i hope this blog can make other people smile (: i'm not good English writing. sorry.